Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 1.43.52 AMEvent Coordinator: David Tran

The Ruskin Dam tour was a success; representatives from BC Hydro and Flatrion both gave a group of UBC CSCE students a memorable and eventful tour. The tour was 3 hours long, but the time passed quickly and the tour can only be described as magnificent. When we arrived, a representative from Flatiron and BC Hydro was at hand to welcome a bunch of enthusiastic UBC CSCE students to their work site. They provided a brief overview of the big construction project (BC Hydro’s Upgrade Project of The Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse), and some tips about wearing proper PPE while on a construction site. On the tour we were joined by two of Flatiron field engineers who are both UBC alumni and they showed us the project from a construction standpoint. We were fascinated by the construction methods that Flatiron employed, as well as the daily tasks that field engineers’ take on to manage the site. The group was lead into the midst of the dam where we had to be very cautious of our footings. While we were touring the site construction did not stop, cranes were moving equipment and material and workers were scattered across the site. Afterwards we toured the powerhouse, and this was where we were able to marvel at “the world oldest running light bulb dated back to the 1930s” as advised by one of the tour guides. The Ruskin Dam tour was a well-received trip for a group of young ambitious UBC CSCE students ranging from second year to fourth years and we are very thankful that both Flatiron and BC Hydro accommodated us.

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