photo 2Event Coordinator: Fahmid Islam

In order to give an introduction and educate the Civil Engineering student body on Solid Waste Management, the UBC CSCE Student Chapter invited Andrew Marr to present an overview of the Solid Waste Services. Andrew Marr is a senior professional engineer and the Acting Director of Solid Waste Planning at Metro Vancouver, as well as an instructor in the School of Construction and Environment at BCIT.

Andrew presented an overview of the life cycle of solid waste, and emphasized the 4 goals of Metro Vancouver: Minimize Waste, Maximize Reuse, Recover Energy, and Disposal. He provided statistics on the rate of recycling and garbage disposal in Metro Vancouver, and the financial and political aspects that can affect this. He talked about the complete life cycle of waste, and the different types of approaches to recycle the waste. Andrew concluded the presentation by suggesting that we set realistic goals for waste management to ensure that the goals are achievable.

The UBC CSCE Student Chapter would like to thank Andrew Marr for taking the time to present his ideas and experience in Solid Waste Management.


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