Event Coordinators: Peggy Shen, Wendy Pan, Amber Xue

To promote sustainability in our campus, the UBC CSCE Student Chapter invited Esther Bérubé, a senior project engineer from Metro Vancouver, to give a lecture about the Zero Waste Committee. This Committee is created to challenge Metro Vancouver to increase awareness that reducing and reusing waste is a priority to managing waste sustainability. Working with governments, they advocate policies and initiatives; also, they have been actively interacting and providing information for the citizens of Vancouver.

In this lecture, she described the history and purpose of the Zero Waste Committee in Vancouver, and the development and future targets of the solid waste management plan. She discussed Recycling Storage Space Consultation by providing an example of how she noticed a lack of space for recycling storage in a neighborhood and helped address it. She illustrated what the Committee has done on promoting the upcoming Organics Disposal Ban. She also presented several ways to promote the behavioral change of the public on dealing with garbage: by custom education flyers, by food donation guidelines, and by communication campaigns.

The UBC CSCE Student Chapter would like to thank Esther for taking her time to give this lecture and answer any questions raised by students.


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