Event Coordinators: Wendy Pan and Amber Xue

IMG_0018On January 19th, 2014 the UBC CSCE Student Chapter welcomed Ron de Zeeuw to provide a professional development seminar titled “Speaking to be Heard”. Ron is the current Head of the Revenue & Cost Recovery Department of Environment Canada. For more than 20 years, Ron has given presentations to a wide variety of audiences including senior management, new employees and middle management in both government and non-government sectors. Ron’s public speaking and leadership skills are nationally recognized as he was awarded the 2011 Public Service Award of Excellence of his outstanding contribution in the public services.

Ron’s one hour seminar provided UBC CSCE students a great insight in becoming a great public speaker. At the very beginning of the seminar Ron has stated that, it is never too late to become everything you could have been. He shared his own story of being nervous and receiving poor feedback from evaluator’s with us. Ron was not born as a public speaker, but he has made been successful by constantly trying to learn and improve his skills. Ron has generously shared his own skills and tips in public speaking with us, which are listed below:

  1. Use “Would you…”or “Do you…” instead of “How many of you…”
  2. Make eye contact with audiences, and hold the eye contact for 3 to 4 seconds.
  3. Do not use notes while speaking.
  4. Do not memorize the content, speak naturally.
  5. Begin your speaking in silence.
  6. Start speaking with an anchor phrase.
  7. Speak to audiences’ needs.
  8. Knowing when to pause.

After these valuable tips, Ron has shared one more story with us to close the seminar. He encouraged us to learn and make a change. UBC CSCE members were all very grateful for this opportunity to learn. On behalf of the UBC CSCE Student Chapter, I would like to thank Ron for hosting this fantastic seminar for our members.

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