Event Coordinator: Fahmid Islam

DSC_0524The CSCE Student Chapter organized a tour the Vancouver International Airport to get a closer look at the new A/B Connector Project. Bowinn Ma, an engineer involved in the project, led the tour along with the help of 5 other YVR Employees. They were able to provide insights throughout the tour as they all had a first-hand experience on the project from the beginning until the end.

The tour started at a new Domestic Terminal atrium where Nancy Stern—an in-house architect—pointed out the thematic aspects of design. The group was guided through the mechanical rooms for that particular section of the terminal and the students were able to appreciate the nature of the mechanical, electrical, and air circulation system. The tour also provided the chance to view a section of the baggage backbone system at the Vancouver International Airport and understand the complexities of such an intricate system. The UBC CSCE Student Chapter would like to thank YVR for their hospitality, time, and effort which ensured the success of this tour.

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