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As a part of UBC CSCE Student Chapter’s events, a panel discussion co-hosted with SEABC – YMG on the new UBC Student Union Building was given on March 19, 2015. The discussion was led by seven representatives from three companies: Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. (RJC), DIALOG, and UBC Properties Trust.

DSC_0708For the first part of the presentation, the architects, Kate Gerson and Andrew Larigakis, from DIALOG, noted key points which mostly included the initial designs of the project. They spoke of their collaboration with the UBC Alumni committee on the conceptual designs of the building and also talked about key features such as achieving LEED Platinum status.

DSC_0715The next part of the presentation was given by three structural engineers and one designer, Damien Stoneham, Natalia Myles, Shahryar Davoudi, and Bruce McGarvie respectively from RJC. Their discussion about the specific design challenges gave students a vivid picture of the building. Deflections and connections were highlighted challenges, but through thoughtful analysis, they were overcome with elegant results.

DSC_0722Lastly, Dan Giordano from UBC Properties Trust highlighted the development manager’s roll in the project. Dan highlighted the importance of stakeholders and stressed that elements needed for approval were carefully processed and that each part of the project was thoroughly analyzed.

The UBC CSCE Student Chapter and SEABC – YMG would like to thank all the participating companies and their respective representatives for taking their time to discuss the importance of the soon-to-be UBC SUB and answering our questions.

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