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DSD_4292On March 31st , 2015 the UBC CSCE Student Chapter and SEABC facilitated a 15 person tour of the Evergreen Light Rail Transit (EGRT) project in Port Moody. This tour was hosted by one of the projects joint venture contractors, Graham Construction.

We arrived to meet our host from Graham, Josh Binkley, who was accompanied by a design engineer from MMM Group Buho Joo. Buho did most of the design work for the sections of the construction we were going to tour. Josh and Buho provided a safety presentation and highlighted challenges of the structural design and construction project management on particular sections of the job that we were about to see in the field.

DSD_4305Josh and Buho then escorted our group to a laydown area for a segment of the project. We walked for about 1.5 km along the elevated guideway, listening to Josh and Buho as they discussed some challenges of the build that included: piling difficulties, high tolerances for rail alignment, unique formwork builds, working close to a CP railway, and meeting environmental standards in fish sensitive creeks.

This tour was very practical, converging a broad range of topics covered in our academic careers and showing us how it is applied in industry on a large infrastructure job. The UBC CSCE Student Chapter and SEABC would like to once again thank Josh and Graham Construction for hosting the tour.

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