StructureCraft Builders Tour

Event Co-coordinator: Nicole Philip

September 22, 2015

The UBC CSCE Student Chapter facilitated an industry tour at StructureCraft Builders in Delta. StructureCraft is a team of engineers and builders that work with prefabricated timber structures. Specializing in both the design process and building, they are highly sought after all over the world. The tour was hosted by Justin Brown, who was strongly involved with the CSCE Student Chapter during his years at UBC. The tour consisted of a boardroom presentation and discussion of current projects, followed by a walk-through of the shop.

The presentation highlighted projects such as the Tsingtao Pearl Visitor Center in Qingdao, China and the Surrey Christian School Primary in Surrey, BC. We then went into depth of the design process for the T3 Minneapolis Office Building which is a mass timber structure consisting of nail laminated timber. The project design has been completed and is scheduled for construction to begin November 2015.

Following the presentation we got to tour the shop where the timber structures are fabricated. We were able to see the NLT beams and panels in production as well as the finished product of prefabricated NLT stairs. The highly skilled carpenters also gave us a view of the fabrication process once the engineers were done with the design.

The tour was a great success as we were able to gain insight into the world of the newly emerging design concept and the significance of having timber structural components exposed to form a warm and beautiful environment.

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