Event Co-coordinator: Antonio Castro

On November 19, 2015, The UBC CSCE Student Chapter was pleased to welcome Joost Meyboom to lecture on the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project. Joost is the Director of Engineering for the project and the Vice President of MMM Group.

Joost opened the lecture with a congestion assessment of the Massey Tunnel. Over the past thirty years traffic volume through the tunnel has stagnated; the route reached its capacity years ago and excess traffic has been diverted to the Alex Fraser Bridge. Clearly, improvements are necessary to the Highway 99 corridor and several options were analyzed. A full bridge replacement was deemed the most effective project solution.

The new bridge is to be one of the largest in North America, featuring nearly 700 metres of bridge deck and towers taller than the Shangri-La building in Vancouver. Joost touched on many variables for this project, including:

  • Minimizing traffic disruption during construction
  • The evolving Fraser River Banks
  • The geotechnical challenges with building in silty deposits
  • Accommodating pedestrians, cyclists and potential future rapid transit
  • Disasters such as earthquakes, climate change, and terrorism

The UBC CSCE would like to thank Mr. Meyboom for discussing this project, and we hope to have him provide a project update in the future. To learn more visit the project website.

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