Event Coordinator: Trevor Jones, Kevin Wong



On Febrauary 10, 2016, Matthew Sauer, S-Frame Application Engineer, and Marinos Stylianou, S-Frame CEO, came to present to the UBC CSCE Student Chapter on S-Frame software and its multiple applications.

The presentation started off with Marinos talking about the development of S-Frame and the future direction of S-Frame software. He showed how S-Frame software has grown to meet industry needs, from starting with the S-Frame Analysis program to including concrete and steel design programs in their software.

Later, Matthew talked about S-Frame’s different programs and gave some demonstrations of S-Frame software being used in industry. He showed how their software incorporated many different building standards in order to save time and to ensure building code compliancy. In addition, he talked about how S-Frame is constantly updating their programs to ensure accuracy in their calculations.

We would like to thank Mr. Sauer and Mr. Stylianou for taking the time to show our members the importance of design software in civil engineering. We look forward to the next time they come to present. You can find more information about S-Frame at the following link: https://www.s-frame.com/

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