Coordinator: Farinaz Moayedi, Neda Naderi

On March 22nd, 2016, the UBC CSCE Student Chapter was proud to welcome back Paul Fast, founder of Fast and Epp, to discuss designing the world’s tallest timber building on UBC’s Vancouver campus.DSC_7115

Mr. Fast started off by going through the timeline of the project, from finding the partners involved to getting a special permit for building such a structure. The design process between the architects and engineers were thoroughly explained. Mr. Fast then talked about the constraints that govern the design and construction of this building. These complications were mostly because of the special requirements that were needed in the building code to accommodate an 18 story timber structure, which is the first of its kind in Canada.


The presentation was followed through with some detailed aspects of the building such as the unique wood connections, the use of concrete on the atrium floor and the prototype testing to find the best and safest possible method for the detailed design. The presentation was concluded by showing the current status of construction, which is underway, and some questions from the audience.


We would like to thank Paul Fast for sharing his experience on designing the world’s tallest timber building.

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