RAM Engineering

On September 27, 2016, the UBC CSCE Student Chapter welcomed Joe Di Placito, P.Eng, PMP, and Ziad Boustany, P.Eng, PMP, to lead a technical presentation for our members on the South Fraser Perimeter Road project. Joe and Ziad are both UBC Civil Engineering Alumni, and have gone on to start the firm RAM Engineering.

Their firm has focused primarily on project and design management, however in current and future projects the company is shifting more towards engineering design projects. The goal of this presentation was to provide some insight in starting and growing a firm, which Joe and Ziad did by describing their personal experiences with RAM, as well as covering many technical aspects of the SFPR project.

The lunch and learn brought to light many of the challenges faced and innovative solutions employed in the design of the SFPR, and provided students invaluable real world engineering knowledge. The event had excellent attendance and was well received by the UBC society members. The Chapter would like to once again thank Joe Di Placito and Ziad Boustany for taking time to come to UBC and present for the chapter.

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