October 18, 2016, three engineers from McElhanney, Mr. Raj Singh, Mr. Brook Robazza, and Mr. Fraser Peterson presented an Introduction to Bridge Engineering lunch and learn at the UBC Wayne and William White Engineering Design Center.  In the lecture, Mr. Singh and Mr. Robazza presented the pros and cons of various bridge design techniques used throughout the industry.

img_20161018_130137The lecture focused on key design decisions that are common in modern bridge design. Perhaps the most fascinating part about this lecture was hearing about how various design challenges are overcome through the use of different bridge design types and techniques. This included how different bridge designs uniquely distribute loads to their foundations, as well as the construction challenges associated with each different bridge design. To better educate the audience, Mr. Robazza spoke about his experiences working in India on the Arrah-Chapra Bridge. This helped to show the amount of planning that goes into the construction of these large structures.

The chapter would again like to thank Raj, Brook, and Fraser for taking time out of their busy days to give such a fascinating lecture.

Speakers for the event:           

Raj Singh, P.Eng, P.E. : Market Sector Lead for Bridges at McElhanney


After completing a masters in Civil Engineering at University of Massachusetts in 2001, Raj worked as a design engineer on long span bridges with URS’s center of technical excellence at Tampa, Florida.  Subsequently, he gained experience in design-build projects working with Buckland & Taylor with significant involvement in the land structures for the Golden Ears Bridge project. In 2008 he initiated Infinity Engineering; a specialty firm involved in the design and construction engineering of complex and long span bridges. In 2014, Infinity joined with McElhanney Consulting; a medium sized transportation engineering firm in Western Canada.  As the Division Manager, Raj now leads the bridge engineering group at McElhanney.


Brook Robazza, EIT: Bridge Engineer at McElhanney and current PhD Candidate at UBC


Brook completed his Masters of Applied Science in Earthquake and Structural Engineering at UBC in 2013 and began his PhD in the same year.  After joining McElhanney in 2015, Brook has worked on several important bridges including; the Nipigon Bridge, the first cable-stayed bridge in Ontario; the Lelu Island Suspension Bridge, what will be the longest LNG bridge in the world; and the Arrah-Chhapra Bridge over Ganges in India, the longest extradosed bridge in India.


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