On January 31, the UBC CSCE Student Chapter welcomed Matthew Sauer from S-Frame to give a tutorial on his company’s structural analysis software. Mr. Sauer is a UBC Okanagan Alumni who has worked with S-Frame for nearly five years, creating and facilitating instructional tutorials on the S-Frame software. S-Frame is used extensively in structural analysis and, in fact, used to model the current tallest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa.

The tutorial was targeted towards 2nd year students, who could use the software when modelling trusses for their CIVIL 228 design project. Licenses were generously distributed in advance to all 2nd year students, and were also available after the tutorial for upper-year students. Mr. Sauer was an excellent instructor, and effectively explained how to model and analyse structural designs using S-Frame. This tutorial was incredibly helpful, and we look forward to having S-Frame present again next year!



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